Collaboration agreement in Peru between CIEMAM and EDAFOTEC

Collaboration agreement in Peru between CIEMAM and EDAFOTEC

On August 22nd the companies CIEMAM and EDAFOTEC signed a collaboration agreement with a perspective of collaborating for an indefinite period in activities related to mine closure.

CIEMAM is a private company that aims, among other things, to incorporate the communities within the area of influence of the mining sites into the mining activity, with the training of community members in activities related to mining and complementary services, carrying out Closure and Post Closure activities that lead to the recovery of areas worked by mining, as well as training future businessmen, professionals and/or technicians in this specialty.

EDAFOTEC SAC, a company founded in Lima in 2016, also of private capital, part of the Spanish parent company EDAFOTEC SL and part of Peruvian partners, is constituted from the extensive experience of its partners in the field of research on contaminated and degraded soils, environmental consulting and geotechnical works. It is a consulting and engineering company with its own technology, such as tecnosols or artificial soils.

The projects carried out cover the rehabilitation of water, soils and/or contaminated and/or degraded ecosystems, through the use of cutting-edge eco-efficient technologies, in public works, mining and industrial projects.

The company maintains stable collaboration relations with the University of Huelva (Spain), the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain), the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Agrarian University La Molina (Lima, Peru), the National University of Engineering (Lima, Peru) and the Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico).

Since 2018, it has held the worldwide commercial development of the DAS patent for acidic water treatment from the Department of Geochemistry of the University of Huelva.

The EDAFOTEC group has carried out and/or is currently carrying out work in Angola, Spain, Mexico, Portugal and Peru and also has a commercial presence in Chile, India, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

The current circumstances favour the achievement of alliances in which the sum of one plus one becomes more than two: complementarities, synergies, economies of scale and the possibility of going further together. Thus, COVID 19 has served as a stimulus to both companies to establish a framework that will allow them to jointly offer their specialised services to the Peruvian mining sector.

The aim of this alliance is to contribute to addressing mine closures, from the start of operations to closure. With this vision, we believe that mining activity would see its conflict reduced, due to the intervention of the social agents involved in all phases.

Furthermore, approaching closures in this way would allow deposits to be organised in a more effective and efficient manner with a view to possible secondary uses of the same, through future extractions or the use of inert material as a material to be used in the production of tecnosols to be used in the covering of deposits.