Recovery of the infiltration waters of the mine (Spain)

Characterisation, analysis of alternatives and small and medium scale recovery tests of the infiltration waters of the Saelices Mine (Salamanca)

The project consisted of evaluating the effects of a reactive wetland with Tecnosoils on the quality of bad quality upwelling waters, in order to obtain adequate data for the proposal of a comprehensive soil and water recovery plan for the Saelices uranium mine.

The objective was to propose measures aimed at saving current mine water treatment activities and discharging it into the Águeda river course, under adequate conditions for the conservation of ecosystems and human health.

Project awarded through a public tender process.

Situation of the hyper acidic Saelices dyke waters in 2013
After the application of Tecnosoils (March 2015) which enabled the treatment of the acidic water before its discharge into the public watercourse



Consulting and Engineering


Salamanca, SPAIN

Category Land, Water