Mapping and characterisation of mine soils (Spain)

Mapping and soil characterisation at the Saelices uranium mine (Salamanca)

Following an initial characterisation project previously carried out in 2014, the National Uranium Company, belonging to the SEPI, commissioned EDAFOTEC to carry out a complete study of the areas affected by the mining action. This would later be followed by its restoration through artificial soils, specifically designed according to the characteristics of the soil and the associated landscape.

This work included the characterisation of the mineralogical composition of the existing clays as well as the analysis of the content and speciation of potentially toxic elements and their mobility and bioavailability risks.

This study was reflected in a cartographic map with a 1:50,000 scale, showing the types of soils and useful properties for recovery, as well as an edaphic report.




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Salamanca, SPAIN

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