Technical Assistance for the closure of the La Zanja mine (Peru)

Design of artificial soils and reactive wetlands and technical assistance in the mine closure pilot project, Cajamarca, Peru

The purpose of this project was to design and participate in the development of preparatory activities for two pilot projects with the use of artificial soils and reactive wetlands in the San Pedro Sur pit, and in the DME of the La Zanja mine, and their development and monitoring during the course of one year.

The project included a thorough analysis of the analytical results and interpretation of the risk materials and their evolutionary trends, as well as the study of the capabilities and limitations of the current situation for the use of artificial soils and reactive wetlands in recovery interventions. An extensive study of the analytical data and interpretation of materials that could potentially used for the preparation of artificial soils was also carried out.

Development of Tecnosoils in the La Zanja mining unit



Consulting and Engineering


Cajamarca, PERÚ

Category Land, Water