Artificial soils on slopes at the Coimolache mine (Peru)

Research into the generation of artificial soils for use on slopes at the site of Compañía Minera Coimolache S.A., Cajamarca, Peru

The purpose of the project was to define possible courses of action for covering inert deposits (IMD) from the Tantahuatay mine, in order to prevent their erosion, while also providing coverage that impedes the generation of acidic water.

This coverage not only stabilises the deposit, but the different Tecnosoils also act as a treatment process for the acidic water. The upper Tecnosoil is permeable, facilitating the entry of rainwater that transmits the elements to be mobilised.

Deposit of inert material from Tantahuatay
Laying of the Technosoils on the pilot zone and functions that each one fulfils within the system

Cajamarca, Perú


Consulting and Engineering



Category Land, Water