Wetland for winery wastewater treatment in Rias Baixas (Spain)

A treatment plant based on bioengineering

This is a wetland with Tecnosoils, soils designed from waste, which allows the use of a system based on biological principles, to obtain water suitable for discharge or for vineyard irrigation.

Pazo de Señoráns has to treat three types of discharge during the year. The first type is produced from the winemaking process, the second is the result of the distillation process, and the third is derived from the production of events.

In addition, one has to consider the irregularity of the discharge throughout the year, with frequent peaks and troughs, which hinder wetland dimensioning and design, as well as the condition of vegetation cover.

As we can see in the attached photographs, the vegetation developed over the course of a year shows the wetland’s efficiency, also observed by periodic analysis of the discharge.

The specific and low-cost system is also environmentally perfect, since it consumes no energy, is easy to maintain, whilst also blending perfectly with the property’s landscape.




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Pazo de Señoráns. Meis, Pontevedra. Galicia. SPAIN

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