Winery wastewater treatment (Portugal)

Design and construction of a reactive wetland for winery wastewater treatment. Quinta do Sairrão, Alto Douro, Portugal

Quinta do Sairrão winery belonging to the Sogrape Group and produces red wine. It is located in the Alto Douro region of Portugal, a winegrowing region that is the bedrock of Port wine.

The area is breathtakingly beautiful, with one of the most emblematic agricultural landscapes in the world. Our proposal for this scenario involved the design and implementation of a reactive wetland, taking advantage of the area’s contours, aiming to achieve the greatest possible integration with the landscape.

The reactive wetland is formed by four distinct compartments with regulation of its output flow and a regulating pond for the water output. The compartments are located on flattened descending surfaces, following the contour lines and the existing terraces, along the talweg through which the treated water comes out.




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