What do we do at Edafotec?

We study the composition of soils and water, their relationship with plants and the environment and intervene on-site to rehabilitate them

We work according to the needs of each case and client, which always comes from creating tailor-made solutions based on the waste present in the area to be restored, generating the circular economy

Edafotec currently has collaboration agreements in place with the Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry Group of the University of Huelva (UHU) and the “Soil and Water Management, Use and Recovery” research group at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) in Spain, and with the Geology Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Consulting Services

EDAFOTEC undertakes international consultancy on environmental problems related to soil and water.

We are registered as suppliers of the European Union in the area of ​​international aid. We have also presented proposals for projects financed by international organizations, the World Bank, IDB and others, either as leaders or as collaborators.

Engineering Services

We work on projects in the mining industry, hydrocarbons, public works, construction and industry.

As a consequence of the consulting work, these have continuity in engineering works where the solutions designed by our company are developed by our technical team. These engineering tasks are focused on project drafting, construction management and their monitoring.

International company

Technologically based consulting and engineering

EDAFOTEC SL. based on our extensive experience in the field of contaminated soil research, environmental consulting and innovation project management.

In 2014, our experience and journey led us to set up a subsidiary in Peru.

We have carried out work in Angola, Spain, Portugal and Peru, and we have a commercial presence in Chile, Indonesia and Mexico.

Cutting-edge technologies to achieve a circular economy

We adopt the circular economy as our own, not only for environmental reasons, but because we believe that it is the most efficient system from an economic point of view, at a time when resources are no longer unlimited and waste is on the increase.

We provide tailor-made solutions, always based on the waste present in the area to be restored, incorporating it back into the biogeochemical cycles of the soil with a health guarantee, generating a balanced system aligned to the circular economy.

At Edafotec we can adapt the soil and water characteristics of a specific area, without the need for transport, to solve each client’s problem according to their needs.

We create tailor-made soils, designed in laboratory and applied on-site based on existing waste, achieving a circular economy





Public work


How do we do it?

Our rehabilitation methods involve avant-garde, eco-efficient and self-sustainable technologies, based on sound organic and inorganic waste management

EDAFOTEC projects cover the rehabilitation of contaminated or degraded waters, soils and environments.

  1. Work is are carried out on-site, avoiding transport costs, compared to the conventional solutions in decontamination (mainly ex situ)
  2. We try to incur minimal energy expenses and other costs
  3. We use waste present in the contaminated environment as part of our environmental solutions
  4. We transform waste into resources
  5. We do not cover with topsoil, we create soil
  6. We favour the appearance of spontaneous vegetation as a vegetation cover in our solutions
  7. We design tailor-made solutions for each type of problem, adapted to the place where they will be used