Coverage of motorway slopes in Ermua (Spain)

Coverage of slopes of different gradients in the Ermua turn-off, linked with the AP-8

UTE Beko-Erreka carried out works to link the N634 road with the Cantabrian AP8 motorway.

The Tecnosoils used on the gunite-covered slopes comply with established composition and preparation regulations for these materials. Its composition does not involve toxic and dangerous waste, but only waste materials, by-products and raw materials similar to inert substances.

The organic materials have been composted over time and at temperatures necessary for the elimination of pathogens. As viable seeds they contain only a certain amount of tomato seeds that are particularly resistant to thermal action. They therefore do not act as propagators of pests or invasive species, but their higher fertility favours the rapid development of opportunistic species, typical of the environment and that spread anemogamously, once installed.

The levels of potentially toxic metalloids and heavy metals are lower than the generic reference levels established for natural soils and their environment.

During the preparation of the Tecnosoils and after they have been laid, they are inoculated with microorganisms extracted from soils in the area to incorporate the bacterial microflora and local fungus, which have a greater capacity for adaptation and degradation of process residues.

The action was performed on gunite-covered slopes with slopes varying between 45 and 80%
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Ermua, Gipuzkoa, Euskadi. SPAIN

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