At Edafotec we rehabilitate contaminated or degraded soils, water and environments

We adopt the Circular Economy as our own, not only for environmental reasons, but because we believe it is more efficient, at a time when resources are no longer unlimited


Greek, ἔδαφος, edafos, «soils», -λογία, psx logía, «study, treated»

Is a branch of science that studies the composition and nature of the soil in its relationship with plants and the environment around it.

Edaphology is supported by several scientific and applied branches that are related particularly to physics, chemistry and biology.


  • Antonio Lozano, general manager of GEOENGINEERING SAC, one of Peru’s main Geotechnics and Geophysics consultants and equipment suppliers, has been reconciling this work wit

  • El pasado 26 de septiembre se reunió el consorcio del proyecto MYCOTECNOSOLES II, que tiene como objetivo la elaboración de suelos artificiales inoculados con hongos para d

  • Last Monday, 7 May, at EDAFOTEC we signed a long-term collaboration agreement with the Institute of Geology at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to carry out rese

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