EDAFOTEC SL is cofounder of the EIP  C&D-WRAM   working on a new model of C&DW (Construction and Demolition Waste) management for a circular supply chain, integrating innovative solutions for a better recovery of Raw Materials

The main objectives are:

  1. C&DW minimization in the EU: to achieve an effective culture of dismantling, to improve

construction and management practices and to promote more efficient solutions for reusing C&DW

  1. Developing improved recovering and recycling solutions towards near-zero waste
  2. Design,development and production of novel construction products and materials (with higher levels of Secondary raw materials from C&DW and improved mechanical properties) from a life cycle perspective.
  3. Pilot scale demonstration of solutions and products to validate innovative C&DWrecovery solutions. Technical, environmental and economic feasibility.
  4. Developing Circular economy strategies for C&DW recycled materials
  5. Dissemination of expertise/experiences/knowledge and best practices derived from the commitment